Here are two tips for retailers who use any form of business signage on their premises.

They should be quick to replace any business signs that are damaged or have deteriorated

Any retailer with business signs in their shop should replace these signs if or when they become damaged or start to deteriorate, as not doing so could cause quite a few issues for them. For example, if the signage in their window displays details the discounted prices of certain products, but the text has worn off in several areas and so is illegible, that signage probably won't bring in many new customers, as they won't be able to read about the discounts.

Furthermore, business signs that have large dents in them or are torn and are clearly in need of replacement might give the people who notice them the impression that a retailer isn't a responsible shop owner and doesn't care about the condition of their premises. This is also likely to put people off buying things from that shop. Lastly, a sign that isn't in good condition has the potential to hurt a customer or damage their belongings. If, for example, a perspex sign in a shop has cracked, any customer who brushes past it could get cut if they touch the sign's sharp cracked plastic or might get their clothing snagged on it.

They should position their signs in areas of their shops where their customers can see them, but cannot access them

Where possible, retailers should try to position their business signs in parts of their shops where their customers can see them, but cannot touch them. The reason for this is that if a shop has lots of signs that customers can lean against when queuing up to pay or can brush past when browsing the premises, the signage will probably require more frequent cleaning than if no one but the shop's staff was able to access it. Signage like this will quickly become covered in dust, handprints and lint from people's clothing.

Additionally, if there are large signs that customers can lean against when standing in the shop, the chances of the ink or paint on some the areas of the sign wearing off very quickly will be high, and the shop owner might then need to replace this signage within months of having it made. Finally, the likelihood of this signage being vandalised by a shop's younger, mischievous customers will also be higher if the signage is within easy reach.

For more information about business signs, reach out to local services.