Here are two questions a sign supplier might ask you if you contact them to ask for signage for your outdoor event. 

What is the weather going to be like at this event?

The sign supplier might ask you what the weather forecast is for the date of this event. This is essential information when having signage made that will be used outdoors, as the sign supplier may need to use specific materials to ensure the signage can withstand the weather conditions.

For example, if the forecast states that there might be some light rain on the date of this event, the sign supplier might recommend ordering plastic signs that are waterproof so they won't fall apart if they get soaked with rainwater. Conversely, if it's expected to be a very dry, hot day, then the sign supplier might suggest that you opt for signs made from card materials as, whilst this type of signage isn't waterproof, there will be very little chance of it getting wet and damaged, due to the dry weather, and it will probably cost you less overall than plastic signage.

If your budget is modest and you'd like to opt for signage made of cheap-and-cheerful card material, but it's likely to rain at some point during the event, you could potentially order these signs and then place them in sheltered locations (such as under some garden parasols) to keep them dry and intact.

What will the lighting conditions be like at this event?

The sign supplier might also ask you what the lighting conditions for this event will be like. If for example, the event is in an outdoor location where there are no streetlights and no other artificial light sources other than candles, and it will continue on into the early evening, then the sign supplier may need to add lights to some or all of the signage so that those at the event will still be able to read it when the sun sets.

In contrast, if the event will continue on into the evening but you plan to use string lights and outdoor lanterns to illuminate the area, then the signmaker might tell you not to bother ordering signage with lights, as this will make it more costly than it needs to be. If one or two of the signs will be in areas that will be somewhat far away from your string lights or lanterns and you want to ensure they're visible at night, without adding expensive bulbs to them, you could ask the signmaker to use luminous paint for the sign letters that will glow in the dark.