You might associate summer with garden parties, but after months and months of social distancing and lockdowns, any season is good for an outdoor party as long as it isn't raining on your guests. But introducing a large group of people to your lawn can have side effects for the lawn, especially if it's rained a bit in the days before the party. Even if the grass is starting to go dormant as cooler weather sets in, you want the ground to emerge from the party in relatively good shape and with as little topsoil erosion as possible. When you hire your party furniture and other items, you can hire things that will help protect your lawn.

Portable Dance Floors Aren't Just for Dancing

The best item to hire if you want to shield your lawn from everyone's feet? A portable dance floor. You don't have to use it for actual dancing, and in fact, many of these floors are simply interlocking panels meant to create a flat surface, no dancing required. They won't – and shouldn't – cover the entire lawn, but they can cover a large portion in the centre, for example. You may want to place the temporary flooring in areas that you think will have the highest foot traffic.

Look for Lightweight Items

As you look for the furniture and decorations you want to hire, look for the ones with the lightest weight possible (while keeping quality, size, and price in mind as well). The lighter the item, the less pressure there will be on the grass. This is especially important for items such as aluminium tables. Try to hire enough tables so that the items you want to put on those tables don't weigh them down too much. In other words, hire more than one table for the snack or buffet spread instead of crowding one table with everything.

Hire Items You Can Spread Around the Yard

Instead of hiring big tables that seat plenty of people, hire smaller tables and scatter them around the yard. That distributes the weight of the items and the people using them more evenly. If you're hiring games for a child's party, make sure these can be spread around the yard as well instead of concentrated in one area.

Speak with an event hire service about items they recommend for yards if you want to protect the grass and soil as much as possible. When you're determined to hold an outdoor party, you can take action so your yard remains in decent shape afterwards.