Braille was a revolutionary method of communicating with people who were blind when it was first invented, and it still remains an important tool to this day. No amount of technology will ever replace simple Braille tactile signs, especially when out and about in public with so many loud noises and busy retail attendants. Obviously, the majority of your customers are not likely to be catered to with Braille, but for those that are, it is an especially comforting feeling that makes them feel much more welcomed. Here are a few reasons why all your signs should feature Braille.

Braille Tactile Signs Are Dual Purpose

When you get Braille tactile signs, you don't just get the indentations that are formed to communicate in Braille; you also get the visible signage that communicates to non-blind or visually impaired people. That way, the bulk of your customers can still follow along and read the signs, and so can your most vulnerable clients. This is especially important for signs that indicate very important things such as emergency exits and the bathroom. It can be very embarrassing for someone who is visually impaired to have to ask for directions to the bathroom, and these Braille tactile signs are a lifesaver in that department. 

Braille Signs Can Easily Be Customised

You do not need to get only the most popular Braille signs that indicate obvious things such as the aforementioned toilet and exit signs. You can also get Braille tactile signs for things specifically relating to your business. For example, if you sell fruit or fresh food, you can have signage indicating what each area of your shop sells, or if you sold electronics, you could do something in a similar vein for different computers and appliances. Most stores will have labels for these different departments anyway, so getting Braille on them as well is just a small additional step.

Creating A Community-Oriented Business

When word starts to get out that you are catering to such a small group with no real significant benefit for yourself, it will generate a surge of goodwill from the community that your store is based in. People like to feel that the businesses and companies they shop at actually do care about them as customers, and doing a good thing, even something as small as installing Braille tactile signs, can generate a wave of public support. There really is no downside when you consider all your options, so why not help out a group of people less fortunate and hopefully make your business a bit of money in the end as well?

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