A switchboard refers to an installation you can use to control electrical and telephone connections manually. The apparatus allows you to vary the connections between different electrical circuits in your facility. Generally, electrical switchboards have tens to hundreds of equipment running at the same time. They also carry lots of voltage and a definite risk for unsuspecting users. Therefore, you need to label all the switchboard equipment so that anyone using the switchboard knows the item they are working on. Engraved labels are ideal for making the labels you need for your switchboard's signage. Here are the things you should pay attention to when making engraved labels for your switchboard signage.

Multi-Coloured Layering

Your engraved switchboard signage can be made using different materials such as metal alloys or plastic. However, engraving alone is not enough to make the signage ideal for the purpose you intend it to serve. One of these functional requirements is visibility. The person accessing the switchboard should be able to see the name or equipment number of the component as easily as possible. Multi-coloured engraved labels are the best way to achieve this.

Essentially, multi-coloured engravings come with lighter inner layers and darker outer layers. You can also reverse the outline of the shades for a similar effect, letting the inner layers to be dark. The deep contrasts within a single engraving make the label visible from far and on limited lighting conditions.

Choose the Right Material

Initially, there was mention of engraved switchboard signage being made from alloy metals and plastic. Well, that is the case, although other considerations must come into play when you are selecting either of these materials. Examine the material thoroughly and make sure that its intrinsic qualities are ideal for your applications. If you opt for plastic, for instance, consider using phenolic plastic sheets capable of supporting multiple layers of colours. They also support features such as pre-drilled holes and the use of synthetic adhesives for fitting the engraved labels easily.

You Will Need Technical Characters

Engraved signage used in switchboards has technical symbols and characters to guide technicians on the stuff they need to do. They carry more details than the elementary information often written on other types of engraved signage. It is imperative to find a good service provider who uses advanced techniques such as laser engraving to deliver special characters as precisely as possible. The technique will give you the signage you want at a reasonable cost.

For more information, reach out to a switchboard engraving service in your area.