When you think of vehicle signs, you may immediately picture taking your fleet to a working site where each car is fitted with the message that you desire. But technology has made it easier for you to design and install the signs that you need, regardless of how many vehicles you have.

Ordering vehicle signs online is an excellent way of saving costs, customising your message and exploring many different materials. Furthermore, you have more flexibility in how you would like to design the signs and install them on your car. And with virtual imaging tools, you can visualise the final product before you make the investment.

If this is your first time ordering vehicle signage, here are important questions you should ask yourself before completing an order.

1. What type of sign are you looking for?

The first question to ask yourself is the type of sign you would prefer. Vehicle signs come in many different forms, from stickers to banners and magnetic panels. If you haven't made up your mind yet, think about your intended message. For example, service vehicles that provide plumbing, electric or HVAC services may work best with posters or banners. This is because the goal is to advertise your brand and make your vehicle conspicuous while driving around town.

If you prefer a convenient and flexible sign instead, magnetic vehicle signage is a useful alternative. These magnetic signs easily stick to your vehicle and can be transferred from one car to another. Stickers, custom license plates and frames are also useful for subtle vehicle messaging.

2. What size would you prefer?

When designing vehicle signs online, size also matters. The sign should be proportional to your vehicle make and model, but you also need it to spread your intended message effectively. The good news is that you can visualise the sign on your vehicle by using online interactive tools. Experiment with different lengths, widths and fonts to determine the most appropriate one for your fleet.

3. Do you have an intended design?

In addition to material, length and width, vehicle signs also vary by design. Do you wish to install a seamless sign that blends with the rest of your vehicle? Or do you prefer a stand-out design such as those installed on the roof of delivery vehicles?

You can explore multiple designs online or even upload digital images of your preferred option. Take time to determine the best design for your messaging strategy before making an investment.