If you're planning a special event, you need to hire a wide range of items, from tents to toilets, but a lot of people overlook the importance of quality signage. To make your event as comfortable as possible for your attendees, you may want to think about integrating the following types of essential signs.

Directional Signs

As you talk with an event hire company, consider asking about directional signs. These signs let your attendees know where to go, and that allows you to focus on the other aspects of hosting your event. Depending on the type of event you are planning, you may want to put up signs that guide people toward your event.

For instance, you may want to put up signs down the block that direct people to your wedding reception, outdoor concert, open house, or whatever other type of event you're having. Alternatively, you may want directional signs at the venue itself. These signs can point people toward the entrance line, the registration table, the buffet, or countless other sections of your event.

Safety Signs

You may also want to hire some signs to make your event safer. If you're having your event in a hotel or a place that normally hosts large groups of people, exit signs are already going to be in place. However, if you're hiring a large tent with sides, you may want to put up exit sign so that people know where to go in the event of a fire or a similar emergency.

If you're holding an event for several days, you may want to have wet floor signs. Then, you can pop up those signs after mopping or if someone spills a drink. Similarly, you may want signs that tell people to stay out of certain areas or to be aware of other dangers (stairs, railings, etc) around your event.  

Site Map

For large events, consider having custom signage printed with a map of the site. You can post these signs at the entrance of your event so that people know where to go, but you may also want to print maps on paper or get copies that you can email to people so that they can look at the maps on their phones.

Interactive Signs

Speaking of phones, you may also want to think about interactive signage for your event. For instance, you can create signs that have scannable codes. When event attendees scan the codes, they get a map or special information on their phones. Alternatively, you could opt for LED signs that integrate with your social media feed. Then, if someone takes a picture or writes a post, they can add the hashtag for your event and have their post automatically broadcast onto your sign. If you do something like that, you can also set it up so that all the posts have to be approved by an admin before being broadcast on your sign.

When people think of event hire, they often imagine everything from table linens to lights to big tents, but you can also get event signage from many hire companies. To learn more, contact an event hire company directly.