Whether your business is a one man operation or a multi-million dollar enterprise, brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of making it (and keeping it) successful, and incorporating your commercial vans and other vehicles associated with your business into your advertising strategy is never a bad idea. With a large, mobile canvas for you to work on, commercial vans can be used to represent your business in a number of ways, and one of the most popular is with the use of magnetic signage.

Magnetic van signs function in a very similar fashion to the humble fridge magnet, and consist of large, flexible strips of magnetised materials which display your company's name, logo, contact information, or whatever else you choose to have printed on them. These signs may be simple, but they can be extremely beneficial to your business if used wisely; here are some of the main benefits of choosing magnetic vehicle signage to advertise your services:


When compared to other commercial vehicle signage options, such as vinyl decals and full-body wraps, magnetic signs are considerably more cost effective. Even a large box van can be plastered with tough, professional-looking magnetic signs for a fraction of the cost of a decal or wrap, and are practically indistinguishable from these more expensive options from a reasonable distance.


Unlike decals and wraps, which are attached permanently to your chosen vehicle, magnetic signs can easily be removed, replaced and readjusted without any special equipment. This allows you to quickly alter your signage as advertising strategies change, and makes advertising limited-time offers, clearance sales and other temporary events a breeze. It also allows you to quickly transfer signage from one vehicle to another if you decide to sell your vehicle or upgrade your commercial fleet.

Easily stored

All varieties of vehicle signage are vulnerable to damage caused by weather and sunlight. If you don't have indoor parking facilities for your vehicle, this can leave permanent decals and wraps badly exposed to the elements. By contrast, magnetic signs can easily be removed and placed in safe storage when your vehicle is not in use, ensuring that your signs stay looking new and professional for months and years to come.

Ideal for personal/professional vehicles

If you are a sole trader who uses their personal vehicle for commercial tasks, driving around in a heavily branded van during your off-hours can make you feel somewhat conspicious and disrupt your work-life balance. Since magnetic signs are so easily removed, they allow you to 'reclaim' your personal vehicle at the end of your working day. Taking signage off your vehicle during your downtime will also help to deter thieves, who are often attracted to commercial vehicles in an attempt to steal the goods and tools that may be concealed within.