Did you know that the first stop sign was invented in the year 1915? Have you ever wondered what brought about the need for sign usage in the first place? There was definitely a need to convey communication to a specific target group at all times without the communicator necessarily having to be there. Nowadays, the use of signage has become a trend in stores, malls, and supermarkets to guide customers on where to find products and probably offer more information about the items themselves. Therefore, if you own some of these trading joints, below are a few suggestions on how you can achieve great signage for your clients. 

Avoid Gender Based Signs

Well, other than the clothes or shoes section where size and wear type matters a lot, it is not necessary to use gender based signs in other sections of your store. For example, it may sometimes be tempting to put a lady suggestive sign in the curtain or kitchen section. However, this could probably make your male customers feel uncomfortable.  A great way to avoid gender bias is by avoiding some suggestive colours. For instance, the use of a pink sign could easily make the customer think that they are headed in a ladies only section. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to use neutral colours like green and black.

Digital Signage

Time to catch up with the world! This is a modern type of signage that entails the use of LED, LCD, and other screen displays to convey messages.  These may be a bit costly than the traditional board signs, but they surely have a greater impact on the customer.

Digital signage would not only improve the appearance of your premises, but it would also give the customer better direction and information about your products. For instance, a lost client could simply key in their current position in the signage and be given a map to their desired destination. Other than that, some of these displays are fitted with artificial intelligence for better interaction with consumers. For example, one could just key in the details of their size and voila, the perfect outfit for them displayed before their very eyes. 

Contrast Is Key

The last thing you want is a customer struggling to read your sign instead of buying your products. To maximize visibility of your signs, you need to attain greater contrast. The best way to do this is by going for hues that really stand out from each other. Some good suggestions could be black and white, red and yellow, or green and white. Moreover, you could top up your design with a continuous or broken border line that encases your sign content for more contrast.