Advertising is the lifeblood of your business, and without effective marketing you will not attract new customers to sustain your enterprise. There are traditional methods of advertising such as radio spots, TV commercials and newspaper inserts, but these can be quite expensive, especially for a smaller business. Why not think about signwriting as a way to draw more people to your business? If you aren't familiar with this method of advertising, read on for examples of what you can do with the help of a professional signwriter.

Glass Signwriting -- Glass signwriting is a popular way to create special designs, patterns and logos on your glass storefront to draw eyes to your business. Offices also use glass signwriting to market their services to the public. Glass writing is done by a process called reverse painting, in which a sign is painted or printed on the inside of the glass instead of the outside. Laser etching is another method of glass writing, as is vinyl lettering, in which vinyl is applied to the inside of the glass. You can also add distinctive touches to your glass writing such as inlaid gold or mother of pearl to bring out the letters in richer detail.

Vehicle Signwriting -- You've probably seen cars or vans with signwriting on the side panels that advertise a company, business or commercial service. Some signwriting is even done on public transport buses, but the goal is always to catch the eyes of drivers and pedestrians and quickly brand the name of your company. Vehicle signwriting is most often hand-painted or spray painted, although you can also use digital printing, which is more expensive. Signwriting companies use a UV laminate to protect the signwriting from the sun's harmful UV rays as well as from scuffs and scratches.

The advantage of vehicle signwriting over glass signwriting is that you can reach more people because the vehicle you use is mobile and can travel to multiple locations. You are in control of what areas your vehicle targets, which expands your marketing reach. With vehicle signwriting you can also use what are known as 'wraps,' which simply means that the letters and images you choose can wrap from the side panels of your vehicle to the back, creating a complete image so you don't lose any of your advertising visual power.

Digital Signwriting -- Digital signwriting is sometimes used on vehicles but is most commonly seen on billboards and store signs. It is a flexible signwriting method because it is applicable to material that includes wood, fabric, paper, PVC and vinyl. Signwriting companies now offer you self-adhesive vinyl signwriting, in which your writing is digitally printed on vinyl that allows you to use graphics, specialised lettering and logos on material this is resistant to temperature fluctuations and projects lettering very well, which means you can attract attention even from people who are a fair distance from your billboard.