A-frame signs remain an effective form of advertising that can attract attention in busy streets, where shoppers are sometimes in too much of a rush to even notice businesses that have been around for years.

Following are some points to consider when creating an effective A-frame sign.

The Function Or Message

The first thing to think about is the function of the sign or the message you're conveying. Is your sign just simply announcing the presence of your business, saying 'here we are'? Or do you want to say something more specific about a special promotion or function? 

A-frames have the advantage of usually being large enough to convey more than one message, and because they are most often being viewed by slow-moving foot traffic, you can afford more information than a road sign that is being viewed from within vehicles.

Consider the relevance of the overall message from your customer's perspective. Why should they be interested or care? What are you offering? Can they enjoy a healthy and yummy lunch at your cafe? Are you drawing their attention to the existence of a fashionable, and convenient, clothes shop? 

Consider the number of shops and business in your local area that you have walked past, possibly hundreds or even thousands of times, without ever entering. An A-frame attempts to capture some of that passing traffic.

Visibility And Readability

Even though an A-frame sign can display varied information, make sure to keep it as simple as possible. Too much information can create a cluttered appearance. Think in terms of keywords when writing copy to keep messages concise.

Using two different fonts creates contrast and can clarify different types of information, but using too many fonts can be confusing. Also, make sure that any graphics enhance the text rather than obscure it. 

Getting Noticed

While the readability of your sign is important, it must first be noticed before it is read. Good contrast between the background colour and the text increases the sign's legibility and also attracts attention.

Other factors that affect how obvious a sign appears are its size, the brightness and contrast of colours overall, the quality of graphics and the font size.

Graphics do attract attention, but they should remain consistent with the message and your business image.

Remember to check with your local council regarding the rules for street signs to verify you are not breaking any.

A-frame business signs can help to promote your business. When creating your sign keep the central message in mind, and make sure your sign has enough contrast and interest to attract attention while remaining legible.

Consult with a sign writing company like Landells Signs, no matter the type of sign you need made, as they'll be able to help you design and implement a sign appropriate for your business.